Einstein postulated the dimensions of space/time. Quantum Mechanics established the existence of other dimensions in the universe. String Theory explored these hidden dimensions using mathematics. We humans are aware of just a fraction of reality. Dark Mater represents almost 90% of the universe and we are just beginning to understand it. The relation of matter and energy is an intersection of dimensions. The possibility of accessing OTHER DIMENSIONS becomes a probability in the light of recent discoveries.

FASHION موضةMODA 時裝 МОДА is organizing OTHER DIMENSIONS as an ongoing project addressing the topic and related reality. OTHER DIMENSIONS was started in 2013 with an exhibition titled FIFTH DIMENSION in Peekskill, Westchester County, New York.

Whoever is interested in participating in this project - artists, scientist, others - is invited.
This continues FASHION موضةMODA 時裝 МОДА’s history as to curatorial invention and intervention.

Brooke McGowen and Stefan Eins curate these projects, view CONTACT link